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What are the 5 things a good logo design?

A most common question is What are the 5 things a good logo design?

Logos are designed to communicate with viewers and create a memorable impression. When you design a logo, it needs to define who you are as a practice. Here are 5 ways to design and achieve a great logo that will stand the test of time

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Five rules of logo design

1. Simple

Your logo should be easy to spot and remember. Allow for changes in size and color. Good logos should be unexpected and unique, without being too complicated. Starbucks is well-known and loved all over the world for its logo. The unique Starbucks logo stands out among its competitors because of the story behind it. Can you think of any other well-known coffee company with an easily recognized logo that is as synonymous with its brand values as the Starbucks logo? The logo is clean and symmetrical, and its versatile use in various contexts backs up how easy it is to see.

Principle one to design a logo - Simplicity

2. Memorable

The effective logo should be memorable. Keep it simple and appropriate to the nature of the business.

The Toyota logo is well-known around the world. Children from a very young age learn to remember what cars they remember by their identity.

3. Timeless

Effective logos need to be timeless and avoid trends. It should stand the test of time. How will your logo look in 7 years?

The Coca-Cola logo is iconic and timeless. The identity is over 15 years old and is highly respected, its use is still going powerful.

4. Versatile

A good logo can be used in a variety of formats and colors. Your logo should be versatile enough to appear on different types of collateral, such as pens, and planes. For Example, the Google logo is more Colors and format it’s simple and versatile.

5. Significant

A logo knows as Significant and meaningful to audiences. it means when people see the logo they will understand what the company is and why he doing that. Just like Burger King if you see their logo its shows something about Burger even they mention Word Burger because they are Burger Special.

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