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3 Ways to Create a video (Viral Video)

ways to create a viral video

3 Ways to Create a Viral Video

Going viral on social media is more comfortable said than done. It takes time, effort, and readiness to experiment. Unless you’re fortunate and achieve overnight victory, you’ll need to put the result in.
Going viral is very different in 2022 than it was around the birth of social media. Back in the mid-2000s, a viral video was usually something goofy and random on YouTube – there are countless who can recite a bunch of off-the-wall llama comics by heart.

Going viral usually indicates a video – sometimes a picture or story – extending across the internet. Nine times out of ten, it does so via social media platforms. The viral range can be relatable, taboo, myth-busting, or just downright odd; if it connects with people and gets them to extend it, it stands a chance of going viral.

3 Ways to Create a Viral Video
3 Ways to Create a Viral Video

How do you make a video that goes viral?

There isn’t a foolproof strategy for getting viral. While some of the biggest blockbusters are the result of pure happenstance, others are expertly planned. For our best advice on how to become viral, continue reading.

How to go viral (top tips)

Social media is a terrific place to upload humorous, lighthearted films that may not directly promote your goods or services but which yet give your brand a new depth and improve your interactions with customers.

Animation, which you might not think of for your website, and a video associated with a particular occasion are two possible paths to go. Holidays and other seasonal events, such as Christmas, provide a special chance to show off your company’s more laid-back side.

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